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Globamed Europe

Globamed Europe is a highly innovative and dynamic company operating in the Import and export of medical, nutrition, parapharmacy and cosmetics worldwide.

Thanks to the access we have thought out our network of suppliers and knowledge of the markets we are able to provide to our customers growing business and new opportunities continuously.

Globamed Europe was founded in 2010 and managed by professionals experienced in the Healthcare distribution as well as in the Beauty and Personal Care at international level. On the daily business you will always have staff which will take care of your projects and needs with passion and care.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with quality products by taking care of the whole process, starting from the selection of our suppliers, through our whole network to reach our customers and give them the best possible service from our end.

Our core business is being able to provide our customers with competitive prices and excellent delivery terms. We do this with the best brands that Europe has to offer and by developing new brands. Both ways products share absolute superior quality and authenticity. All purchased goods are stored under perfect conditions until they are prepared and shipped straight to customers. We believe and maintain: quality, efficiency and reliability.

We are here for you .You are the most important part for our business!

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Our range of products is very wide and prices extremely competitive due to our network with business partners in Spain and abroad.
Our transparent mode of operations sets us aside from our competitors and allows us to guarantee a fair price for all.
We constantly strive to broaden our portfolio and meet our clients’ demands.We stand out for the management of the shipments, having a trained team in our warehouse.
Keep the spirit of continuing to improve every day with the vitality of the first day and the experience of these years. That means a quick adaptation to market changes with a good service for our customers.